If One Member Suffers Everyone Suffers With It…

What is CAN?

Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is the umbrella body of all Christians in Nigeria. The Association was established in August 1976 to foster unity and oneness amongst the various Christian groups in the Nation.

CAN is structured along five Church groups as follows:

  • CCN—Christian Council of Nigeria.
  • CPFN/PFN—Christian Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria/Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria.
  • CSN—Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria.
  • OAIC—Organization of African Instituted Churches.
  • TEKAN/ECWA—Tarrayar Ekklesiyoyin Kristi A Nigeria/Evangelical Church Winning All.

In addition to fostering unity in the Church, CAN is also saddled with the responsibility of promoting and protecting the Nigerian Church and the Christians. CAN is the official organ of the Church on all issues that affect Christendom.

Who Is A Member Of CAN?

Every Christian assembly in Nigeria,  established upon sound scriptural doctrine, and each individual Christian is a member of CAN.

There is no exception...

Building The Body

To enable it fulfill its multifaceted roles, it has been realized that the Association of Christians should be sufficiently funded. The various challenges confronting Christianity and individual Christians in Nigeria make it imperative that CAN has to be financially independent.

In realization of this need, the National Executive Committee (NEC) of CAN, the highest decision making organ in the Association, approved the establishment of the CAN TRUST FUND.

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Established on 9th July, 2014 in Makurdi, Benue state, the CAN Trust Fund has the mandate to mobilize critical funding for the Nigerian Church.

Amongst the pressing needs identified in the Body of Christ in Nigeria are:

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  • Rebuilding critical Christian infrastructure willfully destroyed by the enemies of Jesus Christ.

  • Responding to the needs of Christian victims of religious insurgency.

  • Mobilizing effective media  campaign both locally and internationally to tell the story of the persecution of Christians in Nigeria.

  • Funding the Secretariat of CAN for greater effectiveness.

  • Promoting and protecting the rights of Christians in Nigeria.

  • Mobilizing 24/7 prayer cover for Nigeria

  • Building critical institutions and  structures that will strengthen Christianity in Nigeria/

  • Setting the pace in Christian welfare and intervention.

Operating under the slogan I C.A.N. SUPPORT, the CAN Trust Fund aims to encourage every Nigerian Christian to contribute a token sum of N500 monthly to the Christian Association of Nigeria. Individual Christians are at liberty to contribute more, or less. The crucial issue is that each Christian should be able to participate, irrespective of how low the contribution may be.

All Christians are under obligation to ensure the survival of Christianity in Nigeria, not only in the interest of the present generation, but in the interest of generations yet unborn.

The donation has been designed in such a manner that it would not affect commitments of Believers to their denominations and local assemblies.

Christians are at liberty to contribute according to individual ability. While the standard contribution is N500, a monthly donation of N100 is not too little.


Presently, the CAN Trust Fund has opened accounts at the following banks:
Account Name:  CAN TRUST FUND

GTBank: 02 20 39 08 38
Zenith: 10 13 99 45 95
UBA: 10 20 00 57 52

There are plans to operate additional accounts in other banks as time goes on for the ease of the donors.


 After You Donate: PLEASE SMS  0815-711-8818 WITH YOUR DETAILS IN THE FORMAT BELOW  Name*Amount*Bank_Paid_Into*Email*Date_Donated (DD/MM/YYYY) Example: Andrew Mary*500*GTBank*andrmy@mail.com*00/00/0000 We shall acknowledge your donation and issue you an electronic receipt.:::::PLEASE ENSURE YOU USE THE EXACT FORMAT SPECIFIED


Christian donors have a number of options on how to contribute:

  • You can donate for one year
  • A Standing Order can be set up in bank for monthly, quarterly or annual contribution.
  • You can contribute every month at GTBank, Zenith Bank or UBA accounts of the CAN Trust Fund.
  • It is possible to do local contributions in a Church and transfer it to the CAN Trust Fund account.

 Simply donate by dialing *737*32*AMOUNT*188# from any mobile phone (GTBank Card Holders Only)

Visit our FAQ page on trustfund.canng.org/faq

 N500 a month (It could be more, it could be less)


Register as a donor at: www.canng.org/commit

For further information:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: trustfund.canng.org
Phone: +234 805 723 3769

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