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“…stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel.” Philp. 1: 27

In view of the various threats and challenges facing Christianity in Nigeria, the National Executive Council (NEC) of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), approved the establishment of the CAN Trust Fund to mobilize critical funding for the umbrella organization of Christianity in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Church has to come together and mobilize Christian resources to overcome the present distress. The platform for Church Unity in this nation is the Christian Association of Nigeria. Every Nigerian Christian is a member of CAN. It is therefore, our responsibility, individually and collectively, to make CAN strong and effective. Unless the Church presents a united, strong, and virile body, Christianity in Nigeria shall be whittled away, small by small, and little by little. A house that is divided, it shall not stand.

Inasmuch as Christians desire to follow peace with all men, war has been declared on the Nigerian Church. The options before the Nigerian Christians are twofold: Resist the devil or surrender to slavery.

  • The National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) developed a Strategy Document for the Nigerian Church. It has been approved by the National Executive Council of CAN. However, it requires funding to be implemented.
  • Critical Christian infrastructure has to be rebuilt in the North East and Middle Belt to avoid the “eradication” of Christianity in those areas.
  • Credible infrastructure and institutions need to be set-up to defend, protect, and promote Christianity.
  • Christian victims need help. Government cannot be relied upon to offer meaningful assistance. 
  • There is the need for a well articulated gospel penetration for northern Nigeria. This is the ultimate solution to religious insurgency.
  • The Nigerian Church requires a 24/7 sustainable prayer action for the Church and for the nation.

This initiative appeals to Christians as INDIVIDUALS to rise in support of Christianity in the nation, not just for the sake of this generation, but for the sake of generations yet unborn. The direct warning of God on 14th September, 2013 should not be ignored. “If care is not taken, in 30 - 40 years, Nigeria will be like Turkey."

Today, some Christians see justifications to condemn CAN, but we see opportunities to strengthen and support CAN. “What do you see?” Jer. 1: 13 – 14

The objective of the CAN Trust Fund is to appeal to at least 10 million Christians to support and defend Christianity in Nigeria with a monthly donation of N500 only. This token contribution will not affect individual commitments to denominations and local assemblies. The Fund shall be managed by a Board of Trustees made up of leaders of the 5 Blocs of CAN and 5 Laity members, one from each Bloc. A lot of care and attention has been paid to ensure the transparency and accountability of the Fund. (The Laity Trustees shall assist the Church in the management of the funds while the Church leaders shall exercise oversight functions).

Can you commit your support to the survival of Christianity in Nigeria with N500 a month?


CAN Trust Fund

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